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Entstelle und verleugne nichts, was dein...
Fernando Pessoa

Dear reader,

In the many years working as a Health Practitioner I kept noticing that the sources of people’s problems were often to be found somewhere else than the symptoms. This realization drove me to find both scientific and practical explanations.

My main aim was to find a method that gets at the core of the problem as efficiently as possible. This entails merely a quick looking and identifying of the problem without intervening at all.

If you yourself desire change, if time is ripe and you are prepared to accept my work, I would be more than happy to get to know you.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

With warmth,
Bettina Koll
Allows me to precisely access physical, mental, genetic, psychic, spiritual and conditioned barriers and patterns.

Using a specific way of questioning I can find the source of the problem via your hands and the reflective zones, allowing me to restore harmony and alleviate the problem for good.

Developed by Bernhard Klein:

Please note:
My work does not substitute any medical, psychological, psychotherapeutic, or physiotherapeutic treatment!
For those please contact your doctor or one of the doctors available at QUADRO MEDIS.
- Personal development
- Dealing with stress and anxiety
- Releasing tensions and pain
- Improving intuition and emotional life
- Efficient studying and learning
- Overcoming trauma
- Helping you take control of your own life
- Preparation for exams, surgery
- Preparation for giving birth
- Liberation from fear, anger, depression and aggression
- Stimulating the capacity to selfheal
- Newfound joy in life, selfconfidence, self-esteem, self-worth and self-love
- Preventing illness
- Creating constructive private and professional relations
- Increasing physical performance in sports

- Bullying at work / at school
- Family problems
- Shock and trauma
- Past wounds / injury
- Burdens coming from external sources
- Radiation, possession, vibrations, codes
- Illness in the family
- Dependence and addiction
- Recurring patterns of thought and belief
Two adult daughters

Method "Klein’sche Methode"
Certificate for commercial practice in:
Classical Massage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Reflexology Massage

Certified as “Heilmasseurin- und Heilbademeisterin” (alt) by BFI Vienna
(Equivalent to Massage Therapist and Hydrotherapist)
Trained additionally in acupuncture and ear acupuncture
Iridology, Radiesthesia
Acquired diploma as Health Practitioner in Salzburg

Therapeutic guidance for international bike competitions
Occupation as an instructor for Ballet, Jazz, Flamenco and Modern Dance
Have given classes on spinal exercise

Diploma as a Classical Stage Performer (Ballet)
Freelance work for international dance projects
Studied romance languages and literature at the University of Vienna (Uni Wien)
Born in Linz, Austria
Bettina Koll
Mobile: +43699 1 9445444

Neustiftgasse 72/3/4, 1070 Vienna, Austria

By appointment only – to be arranged by phone

Public transport:
U2,U3: Volkstheater- bus 48A: Neustiftgasse/Zieglergasse
U6: Burggasse Stadthalle- bus 48A: Burggasse/Zieglergasse
tram 5: Burggasse- bus 48A: Burggasse/Zieglergasse Airport: Vienna International Airport